Stroke Rehabilitation Solutions

Specialized Personnel

Your team of care professionals recognize that to keep the quality of life that you’ve been enjoying, they have to be dedicated to several key areas that are special in those suffering from Parkinson’s disorder.

With the help of scheduled meals that include required nutrition with the proper balance such as vegetables, fruits, grains, fiber and complex carbs, our care team can support you in maintaining health. Our caregivers can assist you in complying with the right treatment plan.

The temporary and involuntary incapacitation to move, otherwise known as freezing, can happen at any point in time. Our caregivers know that this is one of the unique obstacles that they may need to lead them through in order to recover from an episode like this.

Medication plans for clients that have Parkinson’s need to be adhered to very firmly. Our care professionals know this is the case and put their entire focus on each detail of your treatment program.

Our care providers can help with:

  • Slip and fall injury prevention
  • Medication reminders
  • Organizing and managing other treatment plans
  • Condition alert updates

For men and women living in America, stroke is the number one cause of disability. Coping with the physical, emotional, and functional changes that result from a stroke can be challenging for all of you. Since it’s difficult to predict when the effects of a stroke will end, or if the condition will ever get better, family members may feel like they cannot help. Confusion may leave them puzzled about how they are going to deal with the daily challenges they are about to face and if their loved one will still be able to live in the home.

This is when SIGMA HomeCare can help. Instead of placing the survivor of a stroke in unfamiliar surroundings, we send you trained caregivers who will give you the type of care that suits you best. Since each situation is different, we customize our home care stroke plans so that they satisfy your special needs. Services like hourly care and 24/7 assistance are addressed by experts who consult with you and come up with a plan that’s ideal for your needs.

SIGMA HomeCare assists with daily living activities and instrumental daily activities (ADLs and IADLs).

The caregivers we employ are highly trained and familiar with various stroke situations that need their support. Our experienced and compassionate caregivers can help with light house cleaning, healthy meal preparation, reminders to take medication, fall prevention, bathing, dressing and personal care all done with kindness.

Experience relief and inspiration by choosing SIGMA HomeCare.

Everyone at SIGMA HomeCare wants to help minimize the stress families feel when they are coping with the effects of a stroke. This provides you and your loved ones with the chance to really enjoy special times together as you enhance their independence.

Complimentary In-Home Assessment

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