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The word “respite” means relief from something difficult, unpleasant or challenging.

Synonyms include a rest or pause, intermission, interlude, recess, time out or a breather. When you’re caring for an aging parent, the emotional, mental and physical labor involves demands a respite of your own. Caring for a senior parent can quickly become a full-time job. Soon, you find yourself canceling plans with friends, giving up your hobbies and even passing up quality time with your own family.

Undoubtedly, you have guilt over feeling like caring for your parent feels like a chore, but you’re only one person. No matter how much you love your elderly parent, being fully responsible for their well-being on top of work, parenting and your own life is a challenge.

You may find that caring for your parent has led you to feel depressed. Sometimes, you may even feel a strange anger toward them as your heart aches for the person they used to be. Caregivers often sacrifice their own health to take care of their aging parents.

Lack of sleep, malnutrition, little to no exercise and high stress levels can leave you feeling like a shadow of your former self. You may not even remember what things were like before your parent needed your care. With up to 59 percent of caregivers struggling with clinical depression, there’s no denying that the act is exhaustive on all levels. When you feel that caring for your parent is taking away from your own life, you have to step back and ask yourself whether this is the right choice.

Perhaps you feel guilty. After all, your parent raised and cared for you their entire lives. You should be able to return the favor, right? Understand that seeking help isn’t negligent. In fact, admitting that you can’t go on like this and need someone else to step in is a sign of love.

You want the best for your senior parent, which means you’ll do whatever it takes to ensure they’re in good hands. It’s possible for you to take a much-needed and well-deserved break by entrusting the care of your parent to SIGMA Homecare.

Resources for Caregivers

Most adult children wind up being caregivers without any preparation. All it takes is one medical emergency, unexpected fall or a collision to transform an entire family. The responsibility of caring for a parent who was once active and independent is difficult no matter what, but the challenge is intensified when you don’t have any prior knowledge or experience to rely on. SIGMA Homecare can help you learn practical tips and advice on caring for an elderly parent without sacrificing your own well-being.

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