Applicant FAQ’s

Q: Is an email address required? Do I need one if I don't have one?

With SIGMA HomeCare’s application system, one of the features include prompt communication. Email communications involving pending applications, interview times, and miscellaneous requests for information are all done with ease. If you don’t have an email, one of the several free providers such as Yahoo and Google and can be used. Visit one for instructions on how to create a free email address.

Q: Do I need to create a resume?

With the new application system, creating or uploading a resume isn’t required. SIGMA HomeCare collects all the required information needed during the online application process. Submitting a resume is completely optional to the applicant.

Q: How do I apply if I don't have computer access?

If you do not have computer access at home, several public locations offer such access. Check with your local public library, career center, community college, or community center to find out if public computers are available. If this isn’t an option, contact your local SIGMA HomeCare office to discuss alternative methods of completing the application process.

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