Hospice Care

It sometimes takes time to adjust to a new situation or procedure. SIGMA HomeCare truly believes that hospice caregiving is a tremendous gift. Hospice care is precious because it allows you to maximize limited time with your loved one. Our caregivers will work closely with any hospice program you have chosen. We will help to carry some of the weight and worry that often occurs when choosing Hospice for your loved one.. Remember, you are not alone, and we are here help. When you permit yourself to break from the demands of caregiving, you receive the gift to enjoy your loved one in a familiar and loving way, simply as yourself.

Why SIGMA HomeCare?

We know you have many amazing resources and supports from your hospice provider. But remember that you also have caregivers at SIGMA HomeCare. Medicare supported hospice covers a limited amount of home healthcare hours. The residual of the 24/7 supportive care needed falls upon you and your personal support system. That is another area where SIGMA HomeCare can help. We want to be your support system. SIGMA HomeCare caregivers can provide the extra hours and assistance you need. SIGMA HomeCare endeavors to deliver respectful care and assistance to your loved one, to you, and to anyone sharing in the responsibility of this time. Let us take on some of the tasks like bathing. Let us run errands for you. Let us let you just close your eyes and, for a moment, share the peace of rest or a captured moment with your loved one.

Why We Want to Help

SIGMA HomeCare is invested beyond the acute care surrounding the end of life. When it is time to close the chapter of life shared with someone you love, we still want to be there for you. We will be your caregivers when family and friends cannot. In the months and years that caregiving has impacted your own health it’s now time for you to take a break. We at SIGMA HomeCare truly believe that people are precious, and time is a treasure.

SIGMA HomeCare can assist in the following ways:

  • Arrange the home environment to maximize safety and comfort
  • Provide bed-based care
  • Provide reminders of medication schedule
  • Provide support, companionship, and respite to clients
  • Provide personal care, including grooming, bathing, personal hygiene, and dressing
  • Provide light housework and cleaning
  • Provide support by running errands
  • Communicate with family members and provide daily updates
  • Communicate with hospice team members and provide daily updates

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Complimentary In-Home Assessment

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