Medication Reminders

Every extra precaution is worth the effort to protect a loved one. As people age or deal with a disability, it is easier than ever for them to fall victim to common hazards like falls and medication errors. Oftentimes, a simple oversight or misstep can prove dangerous to seniors. The staff at SIGMA HomeCare know the very real danger posed by these events.

During recovery from an illness or injury, one can struggle to stay current on medication. Alzheimer’s can make it difficult to follow a medication schedule, and people who are healing up from sickness or some type of injury often sleep on an irregular schedule, causing them to miss important medication times. The schedule can also be very complicated when there are multiple medications involved, especially if medication has been added or changed recently. The initial setup for a week’s dosages is often easy enough to keep track of, but it’s an important extra layer of reassurance when a failsafe reminder system is put in place.


At SIGMA HomeCare, we know about the business of ensuring that your loved one is safe and secure at home. SIGMA HomeCare office can provide a thorough assessment of safety issues in your loved one’s place of residence, with some tips on what can be done to reduce the chance of falls and to improve safety in general. Many seniors are frightened when they live alone, so they’ll be reassured by a visit from SIGMA HomeCare that you’re doing all you can to help them feel protected and cared for in their home.

Preventing Falls

Statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tell us that one-third of individuals over age 65 experience a fall at some point, resulting in everything from bruising to brain injuries and pelvic fractures. Even a minor injury can create anxiety that can lead to a more severe episode/injury.

Fortunately, simple things can prevent many falls. Our caregivers help with movement from the bed to the wheelchair, as well as walking in and around the home. This important assistance can prevent serious accidents, and it can provide confidence and comfort that they can safely stay at home. This independence will help them to stay active and improving their overall health.

For more information on our home safety and medication reminders, please visit your local SIGMA HomeCare office or give us a call at (800) 673-0016.

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