Personal Care & Assistance

Unlike most homecare agencies, we don’t assign at home personal caregivers randomly. Instead, we give considerable forethought to matching clients and staff, pairing those with similar personalities and interests. Additionally, all our aides are certified and thoroughly screened.Plus, we only employ caregivers who are compassionate, friendly, and dedicated. Our attendants take great delight in caring for seniors.

While SIGMA aides meet exacting clinical standards, they honor the preferences and choices of each client. In this way, care is always respectful. Since our approach to service is personalized, your loved one feels important and valued.


Our personal care aides assist with various activities of daily living, including:

  • bathing, oral hygiene, grooming, and dressing
  • toileting
  • meal preparation, feeding, and eating
  • light housework
  • mobility inside and outside the home

We require our attendants to regularly perform home safety evaluations, with a keen eye to preventing accidents and protecting family members from harm. Our aides also assist with presurgical and postoperative care.

While an aide fulfills your loved one’s basic needs, they’ll also plan fun and meaningful activities. For seniors with dementia, we assign specially trained caregivers, skilled at handling symptoms of impaired cognition, such as forgetfulness, confusion, frustration, and fear.

What if your loved one balks at the thought of having someone unfamiliar in their home, tending to their personal needs? In that case, suggest it as a temporary measure. Most likely, they’ll come to cherish the comfort and security a caring aide provides.

Complimentary In-Home Assessment

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