Meals and Nutrition

It so important to make sure your loved is able to have a daily nutritious meal. Meal planning for seniors can become a source of frustration if you don’t have the experience or the time to do it. They may have difficulty cooking for one or find mealtimes lonely. Their appetite may be smaller than it used to be due to age, medications or reduced sensitivity to tastes and smells. If they struggle with any physical or mental impairments, they may encounter weekly grocery shopping and meal planning be somewhat overwhelming. Let SIGMA HomeCare help with our variety of home care meal services.

Assist with Menu Planning

SIGMA HomeCare caregivers can help your senior parent take inventory available food, remove expired items, clip coupons, go to the grocery store, and ensure your loved one is adhering to a diet specific to their health needs. Your aging parent may find it too cumbersome to handle all of these tasks, especially if they suffer from reduced mobility, fatigue, etc. Their diet needs may have changed, and they are unsure how to cook particular dishes.

Mealtime Feeding Assistance

If you notice your aging parent experiencing unintentional weight loss, this may be a sign they could benefit from home care meals or feeding assistance. Feeding assistance leads to better weight management and applies whether given during or between meals. Research indicates this is most likely due to improved daily fluid and consumption levels.

Assist with and Motivate Meal Preparation

An alarming number of seniors living at home become undernourished or malnourished. Studies estimate more than half fall into this category possibly due to unbalanced diets, poor absorption that comes with age or depression. Our professional caregivers not only assist with meal preparation, but they also monitor your loved one’s food intake to ensure they are getting the necessary nutrients and calories. Should your aging parent suffer any memory issues, it can be easy for them to skip meals, which can lead to undernourishment.

Complete Meal Preparation

Inability to cook is closely tied to poor health. If your senior parent or disabled family member can no longer cook a nutritious meal, our SIGMA HomeCare caregivers can prepare complete and nourishing breakfasts, lunches and dinners with the right portion size and dietary needs for your loved one’s optimal health.

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