Cancer Care

More than any other word, “cancer” demands you to stop and take inventory of your life. If you find yourself going through the seemingly endless steps of caring for someone with cancer, we understand that this can be a powerfully difficult time in your life,. Any part of the process can alter everything in your current life. You do not have to face this alone. At SIGMA HomeCare, we understand every aspect of what you are facing. Our SIGMA HomeCare team is here for you. We are dedicated to providing you the care you need.

Why SIGMA HomeCare?

We at SIGMA HomeCare want to shoulder these burdens with you. We can be the listening ear when you need to talk but don’t want to weigh down family and friends; whatever you are feeling, we know that expressing it is vital to your mental health while you’re recovering. We can cook your meals for you so that your nutritional needs are being met. Using guidance from your nutritionist, we can produce meals that will help keep you at a healthy weight so you can stay on treatment. Our caregivers will also take walks with you when you feel up to it. We can help you stick with whatever plan your physician suggests so keep you on track with your recovery process. Let us Help!

The extra burdens you have now can be overwhelming, but we can help carry the load that cancer brings into your life. We are dedicated to the goal of making your recovery experience as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

We offer:

  • Companionship at your bedside to reduce stress while undergoing hospitalizations or outpatient treatments
  • Scheduling, transportation, and companionship during doctor visits and/or treatments
  • Attentive care during recovery from routine treatments
  • Pick-up of prescription drugs
  • Help with routine daily activities after surgery and during treatment
  • Family caregiver relief
  • Light housekeeping, meal preparation, and nutritional support
  • Help with personal grooming (bathing, dressing, etc.)

Complimentary In-Home Assessment

Contact us today to schedule a free In-home care assessment with a SIGMA HomeCare team member.

Careers at SIGMA HomeCare

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