SIGMA HomeCare works with your medical care providers and family caregivers. The following information is useful for healthcare professionals, social workers, elder care managers, and legal trustees. Please contact us at your local SIGMA HomeCare office if you have questions 1-800-673-0016.

Healthcare Professionals

As a patient completes a visit with you, you want to feel confident that they will be safe and secure at home. SIGMA HomeCare will provide your patients with assistance in preventing falls, medication reminders, assistance with daily activities of living, including transportation to your next visit. Non-medical care in the home can enhance your patients’ recovery through independent living and provide them with a better quality of life.

Social Workers

It’s important to you that your patients are mentally and psychologically capable of caring for themselves after an inpatient stay. It often takes just a little help to provide patients and families with that comfort and confidence. Care in the home can reassure patients of their safety and provide some relief for caregiving family members. With SIGMA HomeCare, their safety and security will be assured.

Elder Care Managers

For some patients, medical intervention is less important than help with daily functions. This assistance is ideal for Alzheimer’s patients and those with mobility issues like arthritis or Parkinson’s disease. SIGMA HomeCare can provide your patients with independence and greater enjoyment in their golden years.

Legal Trustees

Your loved one deserves the best care and attention. When they are dealing with conditions like Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, or dementia, they deserve respect and dignity from those around them. SIGMA HomeCare’s non-medical assistance at home will ensure that your loved one is being treated appropriately and respectfully.

Complimentary In-Home Assessment

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