How SIGMA HomeCare Raises the Standard on Parkinson’s Care

Parkinson’s disease is a neurodegenerative brain disease that advances gradually in the majority of people according to the Parkinson’s Foundation. Many of the symptoms could take years to emerge and you could live for many years with the disorder. You still may need more and more care to complete daily activities and support a more autonomous lifestyle.

Why SIGMA HomeCare?

Every person and family who comes in contact with Parkinson’s disorder is different. From low levels of assistance to full-time care, the team at SIGMA HomeCare understands that any program for care has to be personalized to handle your specific aims and requirements. SIGMA HomeCare realizes that a complicated, chronic and progressive disease like Parkinson’s entails the use of an interdisciplinary strategy and continuous communication between every care provider and family member.

Specialized Personnel

Your team of care professionals recognize that to keep the quality of life that you’ve been enjoying, they have to be dedicated to several key areas that are special in those suffering from Parkinson’s disorder.

With the help of scheduled meals that include required nutrition with the proper balance such as vegetables, fruits, grains, fiber and complex carbs, our care team can support you in maintaining health. Our caregivers can assist you in complying with the right treatment plan.

The temporary and involuntary incapacitation to move, otherwise known as freezing, can happen at any point in time. Our caregivers know that this is one of the unique obstacles that they may need to lead them through in order to recover from an episode like this.

Medication plans for clients that have Parkinson’s need to be adhered to very firmly. Our care professionals know this is the case and put their entire focus on each detail of your treatment program.

Our care providers can help with:

  • Slip and fall injury prevention
  • Medication reminders
  • Organizing and managing other treatment plans
  • Condition alert updates

Complimentary In-Home Assessment

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