If your loved one needs help at various times through the day and night, take advantage of our 24-7 homecare service. This option can spare a senior from leaving their beloved home for a nursing home or assisted living facility. You can also use 24-hour homecare on a short-term basis, such as during recuperation from a medical procedure, illness, or injury.

Continuous care is also ideal if you’re a full-time caregiver who must be away from home temporarily. It’s also welcome if you need a reprieve from caregiving.


A live-in aide stays in the home round-the-clock, dedicated to meeting personal needs on a regular basis. Our live-in caregivers are specially trained for this role, assisting with toileting, bathing, eating, dressing, grooming, oral hygiene, and sleeping. They also perform household tasks, such as laundry, housecleaning, cooking, and food shopping.

SIGMA continuous caregivers earn client trust by providing emotional support, meaningful activities, interesting conversation, and reliable companionship. Frequently, clients and aides develop close-knit bonds, regarding each other as family.

24-Hour Care Advantages

Round-the-clock homecare improves life quality in numerous ways.

Safety– Seniors with memory loss and chronic medical conditions are especially vulnerable to falls. With 24-hour surveillance, accidents and injuries are much less likely.

Security– Your loved one stays in their familiar, comfortable home environment. They control the indoor climate and how to spend their time. They can keep their cozy bed and furnishings, such as a favorite recliner. Being surrounded by valued possessions helps them feel secure.

Enjoyment– A live-in aide will engage your loved one in their favorite activities and hobbies. Unlike at a skilled facility, married couples can stay together at home.

Privacy– As a resident of a nursing home or assisted living facility, your loved one’s privacy may be compromised by having a roommate and participating in group activities, such as meals in a dining hall. At home, even when an aide helps with personal hygiene, it’s always done respectfully.

Cognition– Being thrust into a new living environment can trigger confusion, loneliness, and depression, all of which contribute to memory loss. At home, your loved one retains their friendships and social connections, helping to preserve cognitive function. For a loved one with dementia, memory loss tends to slow when surrounded by familiar scents, sights, and sounds.

Self-Reliance– While our aides are always poised to help, they know the importance of letting seniors do what they can for themselves. Elders who continue using their faculties prolong this ability. Frequently, aides at nursing homes and assisted living facilities, working under strict time constraints, are forced to assume full-care roles to stay on schedule. Consequently, residents lose their independence.

Caregiver Respite– With professional assistance, you have the time and energy to ensure your personal needs are met, including vital rest and relaxation.

Our case managers excel in the efficient setup of 24-hour care. While the availability of live-in aides varies by geographic location, our staff works diligently to fill this need. If you’d like this service, please call your local SIGMA office.

24-Hour Care & Live in Care

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